Trying to find reliable freelancers to edit, beta read, format, market, and design your book is almost as hard as writing the book. I look to simplify the process and recommend freelancers that I myself have worked with, on my own book. The freelancers I recommend and add here I trust and believe you should use when you're looking for freelancers to work on your books.

Beta Reader - Colleen Tucciarone

Interested in hearing feedback on your book before it releases? You should be looking in the market for a beta reader. A beta reader will offer you honest feedback on your book. Are characters flat? Is your writing weak? Do you have plot holes? A beta reader will point this out to you, so you can fix these issues before your book is released into the world.

A beta reader that I've worked with and recommend is Colleen Tucciarone. Colleen was the beta reader for my book Living Rent Free In My Head: Essays on Pop Culture. She provided me with insightful feedback on the collection and pointed out ways I could improve my book. She can do the same thing for you if ask her to be your beta reader.