Announcing Giveaway of Living Rent Free In My Head!

Who doesn't like free stuff?

7/11/20221 min read

Who doesn’t like free stuff? I like it. You probably like it. Everyone likes free stuff. Which is why I’m happy to announce I want to give away free copies of my book.

You’ve read the title of this blog post. You know what I’m up to. I am hosting a Goodreads Giveaway of my book Living Rent Free in My Head: Essays on Pop Culture. I’m giving away exactly 100 free eBooks of my book.

The giveaway opened on July 9 and will be open until the 23rd. So, if you’re interested in reading my book before its release date and for free, entering the giveaway is the way to go.

To enter the giveaway, you need to have a Goodreads account. It’s free to sign up. Once you make an account, connect it with your Amazon account. Then you’re ready to enter.

In less than two weeks, you’ll find out if you were randomly chosen and will immediately receive your eBook copy. Good luck!